Asia's biggest cross stands tall in karachi

05:55 PM | 10 Aug, 2016
Asia's biggest cross stands tall in karachi
KARACHI (Web Desk) - Although Pakistan is derided for being an intolerant and potentially unsafe country for the minorities, there are symbols that are dispelling this notion.

Apart from many other worship places and temples, a cross in Karachi stands tall depicting the state of inter-religion harmony among fellow Pakistanis.

The cross is located in Gora Qabristan Karachi and as per rough estimates, it is 140 feet high. Christian Pakistani businessman Parvez Henry Gill constructed the cross.

The cross not only vindicates the religious freedom available to minorities but also proves that somehow Pakistan is following the wisdom of its founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah as he said:

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”