Why are Pakistani celebrities getting so #SwitchedOff?

02:39 PM | 11 Jul, 2017
Why are Pakistani celebrities getting so #SwitchedOff?
Every now and then, we all want a little break from the bland, monotonous lifestyle, don't we?!

Sometimes we feel better by spending some time in isolation, as technology has sadly taken over all the physical activities we once enjoyed so much.

Celebrities might be having a more glamorous lifestyle than us, but sometimes they also need a break to go 'offline',  or spend some time alone. 

Feroze Khan started a trend by posting on his Facebook account that he has 'Switched Off'. What on earth is that supposed to mean?!

Only a few hours later, Ayesha Omar joined in, and tweeted the same.

Hmmm, interesting.

Well, we are waiting to see what #SwitchedOff has in store for us, and let's hope it's something interesting, as it already has us wondering.