Rs4.45 bln set aside for Science and Technological Research Division

08:26 PM | 12 Jun, 2020
Rs4.45 bln set aside for Science and Technological Research Division

ISLAMABAD - The federal government has allocated Rs4.458 billion in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2020-21 for 22 ongoing and 10 new schemes of Science and Technological Research Division.

According to the PSDP, the government has allocated Rs. 3675 million for the ongoing schemes of Science and Technological Research Division and Rs. 783 million for new schemes.

Among the major ongoing schemes, Rs. 2000 million has been earmarked for Pak University of Engineering and Emerging Technologies (PUEET), Rs. 242 million for Establishment of Facilities for Industrial Production of Nanomaterials in Latif Ebrahim Jamal Nanotechnology Center (Knowledge Economy Initiative) and Rs. 218 million for Establishment of Center for Advanced Technologies in Biomedical Materials (Knowledge Economy Initiative).

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Rs. 200 million has been allocated for Competitive Research Programme, Rs. 155 million for Establishment of PAK-Korea Testing Facility for PV Modules and Allied Equipment, PCRET, Rs. 150 million for Establishment of Technical Training Center for Precision Mechanic and Instrument Technology, Gwadar and Rs. 110 million for Upgradation of Polymer and Plastics Laboratory at PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Lahore.

Among the new schemes, Rs. 500 has been allocated for Advanced Skills Development through International Scholarships and Rs. 71 million for Monitoring Sea Level Rise and Sea Water Intrusion and Land Subsidence in Indus Deltaic Creek System with Special Reference to Sindh Coastal Cities flooding, NIO.