'Ban all women altogether, once and for all!' – Meesha Shafi lends her support to Aurat March amid backlash

10:45 PM | 12 Mar, 2021
'Ban all women altogether, once and for all!' – Meesha Shafi lends her support to Aurat March amid backlash

The latest edition to the list of celebrities who have stepped forward to support Aurat March 2021 is singer Meesha Shafi.

Things got ugly when the organizers of the March faced immense backlash over a doctored and misleading viral video of the event being circulated widely on the Internet.

Turning to her Twitter handle, the Aaya Laariye singer posted a series of messages - all in the support of the March.

"Classic, twisted and dark. A marginalized, victimized and vulnerable sector of society takes peacefully to the streets on a universally designated single day set aside for them, the usual rabid suspects take it straight into the twilight zone! This place is literally sick! SICK!", she tweeted.

Further, Shafi went on to say how a backward and insecure group of people decided to darken the true meaning of the movement, making the masses suspicious.

The 39-year-old singer did not shy away from vocalizing her opinion and taking a stand over the societal issue at hand.

"I remember the case started with a poster of a girl saying that she was abused by a cleric, child molesters are roaming around openly and children cannot play but The women's march is a Western agenda.", she wrote.

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Earlier, the organizers released their official statement and explained that the slogans were not intended to create any blasphemous content. After receiving extreme criticism and death threats by the extremists, they have demanded an apology from the people who tried defaming the movement.

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