Veena Malik and Harbhajan Singh's Twitter feud is like a car crash - you can’t look away

02:40 PM | 12 Oct, 2019
Veena Malik and Harbhajan Singh's Twitter feud is like a car crash - you can’t look away

Twitter has always been your one-stop-shop for the juiciest real-time celebrity drama. Each celebrity has their own style when it comes to Twitter beef. Any perceived shade that comes in the way of celebs is liable to start earth shattering, ocean boiling, . While a plethora of actors and actresses try to stay busy, some celebs spend all of their online time embroiled in twitter feuds.

Here's another one for ya'll.

In a recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Prime Minister Imran Khan called out Indian Premier Narendra Modi for breeding war between the two countries by revoking Article 370 and putting Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) under lockdown.

However, Khan’s statements set social media ablaze as prominent Indian figures accused him of “threatening” and “war mongering”. Politicians and journalists and now even sports stars, many suggested that as a former cricketer, Khan should advocate peace instead of promoting hatred.

Veteran cricketer Harbhajan Singh is one of them. He tweeted, “At UNGA speech, there were indications for India of a potential nuclear war. As a prominent sportsperson, Imran Khan’s choice of words such as ‘bloodbath’ and ‘fight to the end’ will only increase hatred between the two nations. As a fellow sportsperson I expect him to promote peace.”

Actress Veena Malik on Wednesday responded to Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh tweet and left him speechless.

Quoting Singh's tweet, Malik said that perhaps the Indian cricketer did not understand English. The premier had comprehensibly expressed fear of war, and not support the idea of war itself, at UNGA.

"PM Imran khan DID talk about peace in his speech.He talked about the reality and the horror that will surly occur when the curfew is lifted and sadly there's gonna be a bloodbath.He clearly states that it’s not a threat but a fear. Don’t you understand English?" Malik asked Singh.

As matters escalated, he then took a jibe at the actress for her incorrect spelling of ‘surely’, without providing a response to her clarification of the matter.

“What do u mean by surly? Oh is it surely ?? lo ji dekho yeh Angreji Inki chill pill, next time try and read before you write something in English.”

The spat between the two didn't end here. Malik posted screenshots of Singh making a spelling mistake exactly like hers, and advised the Indian cricketer not to give her lessons on the English language.

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