TTP prints high-quality 'terror' magazines in Afghanistan, distributes them in Pakistan

03:39 PM | 13 Feb, 2017
TTP prints high-quality 'terror' magazines in Afghanistan, distributes them in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD - In an attempt to promote its ideology and inform followers about its latest actions in the country, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has published second edition of its high quality magazine, the local media reported.

The first issue of Mujjallah magazine having 56 pages was published in November 2016 and distributed in Pakistan during December last year.

As per the details, the second edition printed weeks ago is slicker and thicker, as it has more pages than the previous issue with fine printing quality.

The cover carries bulletins regarding activities of outlawed organist ions in Pakistan and also articles on how to prepare bombs and other explosives.

According to The Express Tribune, some experts who are known about the operations of outfits like TTP stated that the magazine has been published after ISIS publications, which were available in different languages, including Arabic and Urdu.

They added that the magazine was being printed in Afghanistan, most likely in Jalalabad, and allegedly circulated throughout Pakistan amongst supporters with limited circulation in Afghanistan.

Analysing the language used in the magazine, they said that the articles and features were probably written by non-native Urdu speakers. The articles have not been attributed to anyone.

Since TTP has lost ground in Pakistan, the magazine is most likely an attempt to communicate its propaganda, they said, adding that it might be an effort to defame the Pakistan.

When TTP had strong hold in Pakistan it did not release any publication, but after losing grounds such magazine was published.

According to them, when another banned outfit, Jamaatul Ahrar joined hands with ISIS Khorasan, they incorporated some media specialists from ISIS Iraq and the publication is seemed to be the creation of those specialists.