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David Rose Caught Lying By Pakistani Reporters

11:22 PM | 27 Feb, 2021
David Rose Caught Lying By Pakistani Reporters

Shaukat Dar

LONDON – Pakistani reporters in London from different media houses called out Daily Mail reporter David Rose for blatantly lying about their meeting in Oxford and how David Rose refused to speak on the record but asked Pakistani journalists to target Kaveh Moussavi.
In a tweet, the right-wing tabloid journalist accused Pakistani reporters of censoring his interview but four reporters then unanimously told David Rose that it was actually him who was lying in public and attacking them to actually vent his anger at Kaveh Moussavi, the owner of Broadsheet LLC who has won $30 million from Pakistan over a broken contract.

David Rose took to Twitter and said that Pakistani reporters had not published his statements about Kaveh Moussavi.

David Rose then wrote a sarcastic tweet and asked The News reporter Murtaza Ali Shah to write a story on judgement against Kaveh Moussavi which happened some 20 years ago. The News reporter has written almost all major stories on Broadsheet including the £250000 commission deal between David Rose and Kaveh Moussavi that fell apart when Kaveh Moussavi refused to make payment to David Rose after getting money from Pakistan. 

Within minutes, Dunya News UK Bureau Chief Azhar Javed told David Rose that he was lying and he had told the reporters to keep their meeting off the record. 

ARY reporter Fari Qureshi contradicted David Rose and said that it was David Rose who had asked Pakistani reporters to keep his comments off the record and refused to speak on the record.

Channel 24 HD Bureau Chief UK Asad Malik tweeted to David Rose that they had met on the condition of secrecy and that his statement was fake.

Murtaza Ali Shah replied to David Rose: Dear @DavidRoseUK before start of meeting you strictly asked us to keep all conversation off the record that’s why we did not mention anything if you want kindly send your version we will do it you are always welcome.

Talking to DailyPakistan, two Pakistani reporters shared that they wanted to respect the request of David Rose to keep the meeting off the record but the statement he issued was fake news, defamatory and baseless and came as a shock to all reporters.

One reporter said: “For Daily Mail reporters to indulge into unsubstantiated allegations and hysteria of morality is not shocking given this is what they are supposed to be doing daily but to attack Pakistani reporters in this manner was upsetting for the reporters. David Rose has been running a campaign against Pakistani reporters in the UK for not listening to his orders. He has been calling reporters and ordering them to write stories against Kaveh Moussavi of Broadsheet.”

All reporters shared that David Rose asked them to write dirty stories on Kaveh Moussavi related to a judgment against Kaveh Moussavi dating 21 years ago but he had no answer when Pakistani reporters asked him why was he so close to Kaveh Moussavi for nearly two decades David Rose had no answer. David Rose, according to reporters, became upset with them because they asked him to speak on the record and reply to allegations of bribes and commission made by Kaveh Moussavi but he refused to come on the record and encouraged reporters to write stories without quoting him. The reporters asked him again why didn’t he publish such stories in Daily Mail and why he was friends with Kaveh Moussavi and asking him for information just few days ago and that’s the point when the meeting ended outside David Rose’s home in Oxford.

Kaveh Moussavi and David Rose were friends only until three weeks ago. In an interview, Kaveh Moussavi revealed that David Rose had a commission deal of £250000 with him for getting money from Pakistan. David Rose not only set up the meeting with Shahzad Akbar but he also sat in the meeting in London Royal Garden Hotel and asked both sides to sign another assets recovery deal. Kaveh Moussavi has said that David Rose made deal with him at his home before summoning Shahzad Akbar to London for the meeting with Kaveh Moussavi. 

“What’s in it for me?” David Rose asked Kaveh Moussavi during their meeting in Oxford before October 2019 meeting with Shahzad Akbar.

“What do you want?” wondered Kaveh Moussavi.

“I want you to pay me £250000 towards my mortgage and help me settle it,” demanded David Rose.

Kaveh Moussavi says he agreed to pay £250000 to David Rose as commission but they later fell out as David Roe became upset with him for not agreeing to the demands made by Shahzad Akbar as that effectively prevented the future deal too.

They remained on friendly terms but things became tense between them as Kaveh Moussavi received $27 million from Pakistan early this year and didn’t pay anything to David Rose. 

Their tense conversations continued until a month ago and David Rose personally released a screenshot which showed how he was asking Kaveh Moussavi for any information against Shahbaz Sharif which could be helpful in Daily Mail vs Shahbaz Sharif defamation case. 

David Rose has confirmed he used to visit Kaveh Moussavi’s home, organised meeting with Shahzad Akbar, negotiated terms between them and personally moderated the meeting in October 2019 but he says he didn’t ask Kaveh Moussavi for money.

He has said that Kaveh Moussavi offered him £250000 commission but he refused. However, David Rose has said that he didn’t refuse the offer in writing and only “verbally” refused the offer. Kaveh Moussavi has challenged David Rose to take him to UK High Court to prove him. 

He said: “I repeat David Rose asked me for £250000 commission. We made the deal at our home. He said he will get the money for me from Pakistan and claimed that he knew PM Imran Khan and Shahzad Akbar. In return, he asked me to settle £250000 towards his mortgage. He was keen for us to sign another deal. David Rose is my neighbour and has known me closely since 2013. He knows where I live. I challenge him to sue me and I will produce evidence of our deal.”

Daily Pakistan Global Web Desk


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