Nadia Khan’s husband’s ex-wife reveals details of her divorce (VIDEO)

01:56 PM | 13 Feb, 2021
Nadia Khan’s husband’s ex-wife reveals details of her divorce (VIDEO)

Pakistan's celebrated morning show host and actress Nadia Khan recently married in an intimate ceremony at a farmhouse in Islamabad last month, and seems like she is living a fairytale, as the newlyweds are spotted multiple times singing praises of each other.

Yet, it seems like everything is not gold and glitters with Faisal Mumtaz's ex-wife, who is making some shocking claims about Nadia's husband.

Faisal's second wife Lubna Farooq posted a shocking video on her Youtube channel, where she revealed that after Nadia's vlog where they narrated their love story, she wished to share her side of the story as well. 

Introducing herself as the second wife of Faisal Rao, she says: “Many women have claimed to be his wife but on the record, I was the second and Nadia Khan is the third.”

Lubna said she is an educated woman hailing from a respectable army background, and it was her second marriage too with Rao.

‘I met Faisal Sahab after three years of my separation and the way he instantly proposed Nadia Khan, he did the same with me. He proposed to me and had me meet his mother and I was fully impressed with him. Just when I was at the prime of my career in Bahrain, working with the Royal family, Rao entered into my life,” Farooq added.

Farooq claimed that things went downhill quickly, “I want to ask Faisal sahab, yeh inti jaldi mohabbat ho kaise jati hai inhain [how does he fall in love so quickly?].”

According to Farooq, Rao asked her to leave because he said his first wife was doing black magic on them. “Whatever I am doing with you, I am not doing. It is black magic.” He later divorced her.

The explosive statement of Faisal's ex-wife created havoc as questions poured from Khan's admirers. After some silence from Nadia Khan and Faisal’s side, a statement is soon to be released on Nadia Khan's Youtube channel.

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