American show's representation of Muslim character shows the positive side of television

01:53 PM | 13 Mar, 2018
American show's representation of Muslim character shows the positive side of television
LOS ANGELES - The beloved American series Grey's Anatomy has been doing right by showing a Muslim character in a positive light. Dr. Dahila Qadri, a Muslim character in the series has been melting hearts of people everywhere.

When Dr. Qadri took off her hijab to wrap it around a patient's leg to stop the bleeding and save a life (Season 14, Episode 13), all sorts of reactions have followed for the show's director Shonda Rhimes.

However, one of the notable reactions were a thank you note from Iman Zawahry, a Muslim-American film-maker, to Shonda Rhimes.

Iman wrote: "So I’m catching up on a show I’ve been loyal to for 14 years. Shonda Rhime’s “Greys Anatomy” and they have introduced a hijabi intern this season. Something so true to reality as almost everyone Muslim I know is a doctor (slight, but honest exaggeration). Anyhow, in the story the patient begins to bleed out, Dr. Qadri, takes off her hijab to use it as a tourniquet. When her attending asked why she took of her hijab (he used that word) she replies "It's a symbol of my faith. And my faith is about service and compassion." So simple and matter of fact as she moves on to prep for surgery. Two years ago when I first taught “Islam, Media and Pop Culture” I couldn’t find one good example of positive portrayal of Muslims in television and definitely not a hijabi on camera. Something I’ve been working toward as a Muslim female filmmaker for years. This minor, simple line and character shows humanism, understanding and unity in our community. Spear headed by non other than a black female showrunner. Times, they are a changin.#thankyoushonda #greysanatomy"

People too have expressed their gratitude to the director for showing a positive side of Islam in form of humanism.

Here is the clip: