WATCH - Mufti Muneeb responds to ‘surprise’ Eid announcement, asks Muslims to observe ‘missed’ fast

12:43 PM | 13 May, 2021
WATCH - Mufti Muneeb responds to ‘surprise’ Eid announcement, asks Muslims to observe ‘missed’ fast

KARACHI – Former Ruet-e-Hilal Committee chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman Thursday responded to the ‘surprise’ Eid-ul-Fitr announcement.

Speaking at the Eid congregation at Gulberg KT Ground in the Sindh capital, the prominent Islamic scholar lambasted the government for choosing the committee members of their own choice. Muneeb while denouncing the late announcement said it is very miserable for the general public.

President of Tanzeem-ul-Madaris while expressing displeasure over the false announcement also revealed that ‘he has been crying all night over the decision’. Adding that Muslims should observe the missed fast, and people who observe Aitekaf should also complete their missing day.

Mufti also added that the ‘Ruet committee waited for the moon sighting confirmation from Mufti Popalzai of Qasim Ali Khan Mosque, the committee did the same as soon as the Peshawar authorities announced Eid.’

Interestingly, the former opponents, Mufti Muneeb and Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry are on the same account this year. Both believed that Eid should be celebrated on Friday and termed the late announcement as ‘false’.

At present, the age of the moon in Pakistan is 13 hours and 42 minutes, so it is not possible to see the moon today. This is the option of those who have celebrated Eid with Saudi Arabia, but would it be wise to end the holy month by lying? Let's just say that we have to celebrate Eid according to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, the ruling party leader wrote on Twitter last night.

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