British paper compares Indian PM Modi with Taliban

11:31 AM | 13 Nov, 2015
British paper compares Indian PM Modi with Taliban
LONDON (Web Desk) - While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is 0n three-day historic trip to United Kingdom to sign economic deals with British counterpart, protests are underway in London to expose the real face of Modi, who has a history of anti-Muslim actions.

British paper The Guardian has published an articled as "India is being ruled by Hindu Taliban," to build an argument that why those protesting against Modi's welcome in UK are on the right path.

The writer, who happens to be an Indian himself, asserts that India is witnessing historic Hindu extremism and today Safron-clad army is judging people for eating beef, Hindu caste system and patriotism of Indian nationals.

"Most of the people living in Britain are well aware of rising wave of extremism, and increased number of terrific rape incidents in India but many of us want these things go un-discussed,"  Anish Kapoor went on to say.

He further added that India is presenting itself like China which has a growing economy but attractive investment market, and ignoring the human rights violation and Hindu tyranny British government is ready to bridge business ties with the country.

The article also mocked Narendra Modi for the recent events of crackdown against foreign NGOs working in India, harassment of right activists and  local journalists. The victims of Gujrat communal riots still await justice in India but the so-called largest democracy of world is busy not only targeting minorities but also the low-caste Hindus.

India's Hindu Taliban version is telling people to either accept their terms or anything different is oppressed, hence marginalising the social bonds in country, the writer concluded.