Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth II join hands for a greater cause

08:06 PM | 14 Apr, 2018
Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth II join hands for a greater cause
Angelina Jolie,42 is a real inspiration for everyone as she is now giving back to the people by helping them live and better life and by doing environmental protection. Actress herself is highly inspired by 91 year old Royal, Queen Elizabeth herself.

In a conversation with her kids Zahara, Maddox,Pax,Shiloh and the twins she explained how her true inspiration comes from the Queen so they have a better understanding of how it is important for protecting environment she revealed in an interview.

In a new documentary (The Queen’s green plant) on planting trees in Africa Jolie said that by bringing her kids to Africa and planting trees is the best message she could’ve given to her kids. Her kids questioned her “Why does th Queen if England care about planting trees in Africa?” She replied “You know she is this really lovely lady who really care about the people around the world and she really cares about the future and she wants her grandkids along with yours to run around enjoying nature, other cultures and importance of other cultures.”

The Queen is bring all the countries around the globe to be a part of this green initiative which will protect the environment and will even encourage more kids to plant trees along with adults.