How to STOP her from nagging you [Advice for men, please take note]

02:33 PM | 14 Jan, 2017
How to STOP her from nagging you [Advice for men, please take note]
It’s no rocket science, a girl’s heart requires very little to satisfy contrary to what guys believe or might think. There are some essential basic requirements and that’s it.

She wants you to help with the housework22471003








Cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery, this is what a major chunk of her day is based on. All she wants you to do is pick up your plate and put it in the sink, or help her clear the table or clear the leftovers. Help in any which way that you can which shows you care that she has spent the whole day in the kitchen for you. This will automatically cheer her up and this little realization will be enough for her to not get on your back.

She wants you to take care of the kids

Kids nowadays are quite a handful and with the constant “drought” of maids, I’d say the husband needs to spend as much time as he can daily with the kids. This will automatically help her out and also instill a healthier relationship with the kids, as they mainly get to see the father over the weekend. Putting them to bed, giving them a night time bath, helping with the homework or just spending time with them would give her a much deserved break.


She wants you to be on time

Time is priority. More than half of the arguments start because of time management. When the husband shows up on time to go somewhere with the wife, that in itself is a game changer. Both of you are all dressed for a night out or a dinner or to meet friends and relatives and you show up on time, what more could a woman ask for.


She wants you to surprise her

Now this does not mean a surprise birthday party with a 6 pound fondant cake, it just means that for all the times you come home late, sometimes bringing roses or chocolates can do the trick. Little things are what get you through the day. These little moments are what life is about. A kind word here, a good thought there, will eventually make you see that this was all there was to it. Life isn’t as hard as we’ve made it.


All of these things point towards realization. Realization is key and that is usually what is missing. The husband feels his job was at the office and he has done that so he is off the hook.  The wife feels that he has just gotten home so he should be more involved and that is where the confusion arises. There is no "men are from Mars and women are from Venus", honestly it is just treating the spouse as you would treat any other person; with consideration.

What lacks nowadays is consideration which is what we’d give our colleagues or our workers but not our better halves. Please, men and women, put in some MORE effort and see how the results change!