Pakistani transgenders find peace in Islam after leaving a life of 'sin'

05:11 PM | 14 Jan, 2017
Pakistani transgenders find peace in Islam after leaving a life of 'sin'
LAHORE - A group of transgenders have bid farewell to the conventional lifestyle of Pakistani transgenders and turned to Islamic values and teachings.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistan, the leader of a transgender group who has rechristened himself Abu Huraira said that he is very grateful to God for blessing him with a pious character, adding he is very contented with his new lifestyle.

Abu Huraira said he started his spiritual journey when one of his friends arranged a meeting with famous preacher Maulana Tariq Jameel.

Muhammad Shehbaz, another transgender who has transformed his life said he has gained significant respect after leaving the "indecent and lewd lifestyle" that included dancing and entertaining men.

He said he would attribute this "beautiful transformation" to Maulana Tariq Jameel. "His spiritual lectures had a profound impact on me," he added.

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Most of the Pakistani transgender people, numbering approximately 500,000, rely on wedding dances as their main source of income.

Abundantly prevalent in the hijra community, the guru concept stipulates that transgender units are run by a leader, who fosters unwanted children after they’re thrown out by their families. The guru keeps these kids in their care, guides them in life, and provides food and shelter.