Sisters in Pink: Dubai launches women-only ambulances

08:24 PM | 14 Jul, 2017
Sisters in Pink: Dubai launches women-only ambulances
DUBAI - Authorities in Dubai have launched a pilot project for a women-only pink ambulance service that aims to expedite medical care by helping patients feel more at ease.

Four women in pink - two medics and two drivers - remain on standby 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to come to the aid of their "sisters" in the Emirate.

"In our society, Arab Muslim society, when patients call for help, they want privacy and they want to feel comfortable," said Bashayer al-Rimm, an emergency medical technician (EMT).

The government-run Women Responders unit operating in the district of Deira has had 25 callouts since it launched three weeks ago, none of them major emergencies.

These “sisters in pink” specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology and pediatrics, the Emirates247 reported.

Ten years ago, Dubai launched "Ladies and Families Taxis," a pink fleet of cabs driven by women and serving women and their children.

The service is still available, and popular, across Dubai.