Suno Chanda is coming to an end and we can’t take it

11:34 PM | 14 Jun, 2018
Suno Chanda is coming to an end and we can’t take it

Momina Duraid production never fails to entertain the audience this time it was something lightweight unlike her previous drama’s.

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Hum TV is famous for its intense drama serials but Suno Chanda a Ramadan special is breaking all barriers for its comedy. It is an epic tale of romantic comedy which revolves around two poles apart cousins, Arsalan (Farhan Saeed) who is a typical laid back loud punjabi guy and on the other hand it’s Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) a career oriented girl looking for a business opportunity in London.

No power on this planet can bring such two poles apart people together other than that one dying person, well the dying grandfather left these two Nikkahofied, Welcome to a typical brown household.

This is something most of us can relate to, Totally! 

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All that bickering and fights weren’t enough to call off the marriage coming their way on a very fast speed as both excited families are busy planning the wedding regardless of the duo’s constant dislike for each other and a lowkey rivalry.

Tired of all the individual failed attempts they both decide to take up this matter together. All the big plans are ready which will make their families hate each other, the plan seems to be working really well amidst of this drama Arsal begins to question his decision, can he live without Ajiya?

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Onscreen chemistry of Farhan and Iqra is adored by people, with Iqra’s energy and Farhan’s character they both have captivated the audience so much that it’s getting hard for everyone to say goodbye to this amazing serial. However an 80 mins long Eid special episode would be the perfect way to say goodbye to fans leaving them with a good vibe. We would love to see this duo back on-screen with the same energy and fun.

Every girl wants this one person *Hearts*

The story might be very basic and nothing new but the acting and a break from all the serious topics turned out to be really refreshing for the audience. Farhan Saeed’s role was very different from what he has done before and his new avatar is appreciated by all. If you are looking for a quick laugh and refreshing drama then Suno Chanda is answer to all your comedy cravings.

We’d give them a solid 9/10.

On-screen power couple is major real life goals.

Farhan made goodbyes even more difficult. WHYYY?