Telenor’s latest offer makes recharging a ‘happy activity’ with extra rewards

04:21 PM | 14 Oct, 2016
Telenor’s latest offer makes recharging a ‘happy activity’ with extra rewards
Who doesn’t hate recharging their phone credit? And we can’t blame you either. Recharging your balance is a stressful activity, especially when you get measly get very less even if you have paid the total amount for the card. Everybody hates that and for a right reason.

Imagine you are having a horrible day, nothing seems to be going right, you try to make a phone call but you have run out of credit. You run to the nearest mobile shop to buy a card and when you finally load the card, you get random deductions and barely any money in your credit. Those are the times when you feel like breaking your phone.

Don’t break your phone, get Telenor.

Telenor has finally come up with a genius way to make recharging your credit balance a happy and rewarding activity.

How does Telenor do that?

It’s remarkably simple. Every time you recharge your balance, Telenor will give you a surprise reward. Not through a lucky, draw, not to 1 out of 1000 customers, but to each and every person recharging their credit.

Telenor calls this ‘Recharge Badal gaya’ program. The idea is that they will give you something extra in every recharge.

Now imagine that you are having a bad day, imagine everything is going wrong, and suddenly, out of the blue, a friend gives you a gift. That will make your day.

But that rarely happens, and who has such amazing friends?

Well, if you are a Telenor customer, Telenor is your amazing friend who will give you a surprise gift at every recharge.

And turns the whole hateful affair of recharging into an exciting one. Every time you recharge your phone you’ll be excited to see what have you won this time, and every time you buy a card you will feel like you are buying a lottery ticket – a lottery ticket that is sure to win!

‘Recharge Badal gaya’ program makes recharging fun, now every Telenor customer is sure to be happy on recharging instead of being cranky – o Not so much.