Hamza Ali Abbasi sparks outrage for his ‘controversial’ Islamic views

03:30 PM | 15 Jun, 2022
Hamza Ali Abbasi sparks outrage for his ‘controversial’ Islamic views
Source: Instagram

Pakistani heartthrob and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has sparked outrage after penning his controversial Islamic views. Spreading like wildfire, a witter trend named #shameonyouhamzaaliabbasi has started against the Alif actor.

Taking to Twitter, the Mann Mayal actor, who has never shied away from being vocal about his opinions, commented on various subjects regarding Islam. In particular, his views on the return of Hazrat Isa and Imam Mehdi have received widespread flak.

"I have talked about these matters in detail in my web series Conversing Islam available on YouTube for anyone interested. For more details you can also see   @GhamidiCIL & check out Ghamidi Center of Islamic Learning on YouTube ", he tweeted.

Other topics that Hamza discussed included the permissibility of music in Islam, the reactions of Muslims to blasphemy and the age of Bibi Ayesha at the time of her wedding to Holy Prophet Muhammad.

For the unversed, the Pyare Afzal actor is of the same views as renowned scholar Javed Ghamdi, who believes Prophet Isa is dead and there will be no (Imam) Mahdi arriving in the end times.

The following belief goes against the widely established beliefs of the majority of Muslims around the world. The netizens and keyboard warriors strongly reacted to Hamza's comments. Here are some of the tweets.

Wrecking on havoc online, top trends like ##shameonyouhamzaaliabbasi, #Ghamdi have been gaining momentum as more people jump onto the debate and criticize Abbasi.

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