Solar cell invented by Pakistani scientist sets two world records

03:11 PM | 16 Feb, 2022
Solar cell invented by Pakistani scientist sets two world records

KARACHI – Yuseong-gu based Pakistani scientist has designed a solar cell that sets two new records and will help to get clean energy programs to counter climate change.

Report of Express Tribune said a team led by Yasir Siddique – a Ph.D scholar at the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) and the University of Science and Technology (UST) – has developed promising solar cell technology that will foster clean energy initiatives.

The team designed a new solar cell dubbed Copper Indium Sulfo Selenide (CISSE). This solar cell has been stabilized by adding a special solution.

The stable solution-processed works perfectly as a single cell but it could also be linked with other thin-film solar cell materials with sufficient bandgap as the top cell. The bandgap is the amount of energy required to liberate an electron from a semiconductor; the smaller the bandgap, the more electricity is produced, per report.

The tandem cell developed by Pakistani scientists is said to be the most effective invention in the field of solar energy. It took around three years of hard work of Pakistani scientists and team to go into preparing the revolutionary cell.

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Copper Indium Sulfo Selenide cell has a 14.4 percent effectiveness rate among these. It reached 23.03 percent efficiency when paired with the prosciutto mineral, which is a new record for the CISSE solar cell made by the solution process.