Anushka Sharma reveals why she got married to Virat Kohli at 29

12:32 PM | 16 Jul, 2019
Anushka Sharma reveals why she got married to Virat Kohli at 29

MUMBAI - Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma spills beans about her marriage with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli at a supposedly young age of 29.

After almost 1.5 years to their marriage, Anushka in an interview with Filmfare shared the reason for getting married before crossing 30.

“I got married at 29, supposedly young for an actress. But I did it because I was in love. And I am in love," shared Anushka.

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"Our audience is way more evolved than our industry is. Audiences are just interested in seeing actors on screen. They don't care about your personal lives, whether you're married or whether you're a mother. We need to get out of this headspace,” she added.

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Mrs Virat Kohli had further stated that "Marriage was a natural progression.I've always stood for women being treated equally. So, I wouldn't want to experience the most beautiful moment of my life with fear in mind.

She also added that “If a man doesn't think twice before getting married and continues to work, then why should a woman think about it?” she said.

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“I'm happy that more actresses have got married. People in love are going out there and expressing it. It's so beautiful to see happy couples together," concluded the star.