This American model uses a face cream made from blood

07:17 PM | 16 May, 2017
This American model uses a face cream made from blood
NEW YORK - American model Hailey Baldwin says she uses a face cream made from her own blood.

She said: "I use a lotion from one dermatologist, who came and took blood from my arm,” the 20-year-old model told celebrity magazine Look.

"It was spun in this machine that separated the blood cells, then they created a cream just for me. I feel like that is pretty peculiar."

The daughter of ‘SNL’ star Stephen Baldwin visited a dermatologist, who took blood from her own arm and had it filtered through a special machine, before adding it to a custom product, and she has admitted the idea of the lotion is "pretty peculiar".

The blonde beauty tries to take good care of her skin and admitted she "freaks out" if she ever gets a spot, although she has claimed it doesn't "usually" happen.

"I prefer going natural. I actually think I'm prettier with less make-up.

"[I feel most beautiful] when I'm fresh off a vacation in the summer, when I've worn no make-up every single day, in salt water, and just not trying at all."

Hailey dated Canadian pop star Justin Bieber last year, but admitted in an interview, that she found the romance hard. She told Marie Clare: “I don't want attention out of dating somebody. Texts started coming through, crazy phone's hard to date somebody in this industry.”