Rabi Pirzada to launch a Hijab, Abaya brand

04:07 PM | 16 May, 2020
Rabi Pirzada to launch a Hijab, Abaya brand

LAHORE - The controversial Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada is all set to launch her own brand Burqa, a form of the full-length veil for women. According to details, Rabi s plan to come up with Burqa has been stimulated by a recent happening where some poor women had come to her asking for help.

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Salam, few days back 5 women came to me and said u have been giving our children education n groceries since long, now we know who are u,u left tv or filmein and now u don’t ve work like us, when I didn’t answer they continued that they want to pay me back, by sewing my clothes and cleaning my house,cook food. It actually brought tears to my eyes they had no mood to leave me alone. There came this idea to my mind, ABAYA AND HIJAAB stitching, not for me, but to sell and let them find some work.So here i need ur help, if u have any skill from logo designing to market it contact me directly on rabipirzadaofficial@gmail.com must mention in subject ur skill. Let’s help these brave women earn there living. I believe best SADQA JARIA is to help mankind. #chotisibaat ‬

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In a recent video message, Rabi revealed that some five women had shown up to her house to ask for alms of late.

"I came to know while interacting with the poor folks that they all were skilled in stitching work. So, I decided to take the initiative to start my own brand of Burqa, which would also provide the begging women with a respectable livelihood by contributing as stitcher of the product", said Rabi.

On the other hand, Rabi Pirzada has taken a break from her showbiz profession and decided to devote her time to religious and social service causes.

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