PM hails Sania Nishtar as World Bank ranks Ehsaas among top social programmes

02:03 PM | 16 May, 2021
PM hails Sania Nishtar as World Bank ranks Ehsaas among top social programmes

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday hailed the success of the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme, which has been listed in the top four global social protection programmes.

Taking it to Twitter, the premier wrote, ‘Congratulations to Sania and the Ehsaas team for achieving this milestone and well-deserved international recognition’.

World Bank on Saturday released a report on ‘global social protection responses to Covid-19’. The report ‘living paper’ comprised of 650 pages accompanying a database documenting how countries and territories are planning, implementing, or completing social protection measures in the context of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

The report suggests that a total of 3,333 social protection measures have been planned or implemented in 222 countries between March 20, 2020, and May 14, 2021.

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Meanwhile, Pakistan ranks fourth globally in terms of the number of people covered and third globally in terms of the percentage of population covered amongst those that covered over 100 million people.

The World Bank in the report acknowledged that Pakistan’s Ehsaas Emergency Cash is one programme that has attained ‘impressive’ six-digit levels in this regard.

According to the statistics, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash delivered cash stipends of Rs. 12,000 to 15 million households last year, which meant ‘helping over 100 million people or half the country’s population’.

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