Aima Baig opens up about her mother’s death

02:42 PM | 16 Sep, 2020
Aima Baig opens up about her mother’s death

Losing a loved one can be so devastating painful that it feels as if there's a void in your soul that can never be filled again.

No matter how much time goes by, the death of a parent is something that will always affect a person. Whether it’s your mom or dad or no matter how old you were at that time, the pain of losing them never truly goes away.

While death is a part of life, no one really teaches you how to live without your loved ones.

During an interview with Nida Yasir on Monday, singer Aima Baig opened up about the biggest loss of her life. 

She revealed that her mother passed away of cancer and opened up about how it feels to have survived such heartbreak.

“My mother was a cancer patient and she fought with the illness for six years. She was extremely brave an never let her children feel like she suffering,” shared the ‘Malang’ hitmaker.

 The Coke Studio singer also explained 

that she couldn’t do much save her mother’s life so as a way of giving back to her,

she wishes to help out cancer patients in every way possible 

“I saw her go through chemotherapy and losing her hair. I wish I could do something for cancer patients and save atleast one life,” she said.

Reflecting on the loss of her mother, Baig added, “Even though its been three years since her death, it still feels so recent and as you grow up you feel the loss more and realise the importance of having a mother in your life.”

A few years ago, Aima collaborated with her uncle Mubashir Lucman to raise awareness about cancer. They sang ‘Summer Wine’ for Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s charity drive.

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