These celebrities have tried the viral FaceApp challenge

03:03 PM | 17 Jul, 2019
These celebrities have tried the viral FaceApp challenge
LAHORE - Have you been seeing a number of people sharing 'old person' selfies all over the internet? Well, that's not a source of a new app, its a product of an application called FaceApp.

The hilarious pictures created by the app has taken the internet by storm. The app works similar to Snapchat with the baby-face and gender-swap filters.

FaceApp uses a person's selfie or a picture and with the help of the old age filter, it spits back a picture of them looking older. It completely transforms the image of the person with accuracy to give an impression that it's an actual photo and not a photoshopped and edited one. The results that the app offers are pretty impressive and so realistic that you might easily get tricked.

Let's have a look at some of our favourite celebrities hilarious photos after using the trending FaceApp #AgeChallenge:

Varun Dhawan:

Uzair Jaswal:

Faysal Quraishi:

Junaid Khan:

Canadian Rapper Drake:

Arjun Kapoor:

Have you tried the FaceApp #AgeChallenge yet?

If you did, share with us your 60 years old version picture with us too.