Take a tour of Meesha Shafi's Canadian bungaloft

04:36 PM | 18 Jun, 2021
Take a tour of Meesha Shafi's Canadian bungaloft

The talent powerhouse Meesha Shafi has conquered a myriad of things like a certified yoga instructor, a skilled musician and a singer with impeccable acting chops.

But shockingly, the 39-year-old is also a fashionista who is ranked as one of Pakistan’s leading fashion models with her spectacular style statements and artistic nature.

This time around, the Aaya Lariye singer offers us a glimpse into her creative process with her home and needless to say, the colourful Canadian bungaloft looked aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the last few years being super complicated for Meesha, the Waar star exudes calm and she made the most out of time decorating her new space in Canada.

"I recently learnt that our type of house is called a bungaloft," she explained. "It's split into all these levels. While on the same floor when you look out different windows, you'll sometimes be level with the ground, sometimes below and at other times above."

Posted a series of images and video, Shaafi's homes looked beyond stunning with majestic windows, greenery, natural light and vibrant colours.

Complimenting the entire house, she kept the interior cosy with all-white backgrounds. Through her Instagram stories, she revealed that she is currently in the process of painting her walls and is having a blast with her kids.

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