Pakistani celebrities speak up against Israeli brutalities in Palestine

08:41 AM | 18 May, 2021
Pakistani celebrities speak up against Israeli brutalities in Palestine
Caption:   A video recently showed Israeli soldiers detaining Palestinian children.–File photo

Following in the footsteps of the Pakistani government and the masses, Pakistani celebrities came out in support of Palestine and Palestinian people as Israeli barbarism against innocent civilians continued to rage over the last one week or so.

Here is what these celebrities said in support of the Palestinians. 

Maya Ali

Film and TV actress Maya Ali expressed solidarity with the Palestinians who are facing the worst of Israeli brutalities at the moment. She posted on her Instagram page, “All of my prayers are with the Palestinians. O Allah, please help, protect and support the people in #Palestine and ease their pains and sufferings. Ameen”

“I’ve been absolutely speechless and heart broken of seeing the horrifying attacks on the innocent people of #Palestine. Its high time that we all come together, raise our voices and spread awareness about the current situation in Palestine. When the world unites, miracles happen!”

Mahira Khan

The most talented Pakistani film and TV actress Mahira Khan said, “If we remain silent, there is blood on our hands too.”

Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir, one of the most beautiful and sought after actress, posted on her Instagram page, “FREE PALESTINE. Such an overwhelming turn out in Islamabad!”

Ayeza Khan

Actress Ayeza Khan wrote a heart-touching note highlighting the grim situation in Palestine right now. She posted on her Instagram page, “Can you imagine kissing your child to sleep and not knowing if you all will see them again? That’s the reality of life in Palestine right now. That’s the horror those children, those innocent beings live in. My heart aches to even think about this. We can’t do much. But we do have a voice. And together, we can use it to stop the cruelties on our brothers and sisters.”

Bilal Abbas Khan

TV actor and model Bilal Abbas Khan came out with the slogan “Free Palestine”.

Dananeer Mobin

And then ‘Pawri girl’ Dananeer Mobin came forward to express solidarity with the people of Palestine. She posted on her Instagram page, “Pakistan stands with P@lestine.”