Zara Noor Abbas's recent statement leaves the internet divided

02:47 PM | 18 May, 2021
Zara Noor Abbas's recent statement leaves the internet divided

As the grave situation in Palestine continues to escalate with Israel intensifying the violence every day, the atrocities have left the entire world talking and grieving the spiked death toll in Gaza.

Amid the attacks on Palestine and Eid, Zara Noor Abbas was dismayed as a burgeoning list of celebrities and bloggers shared celebratory pictures from the three-day festivities while simultaneously posting about Gaza.

In a statement made through her Instagram story, Abbas called out the behaviour as hypocritical.

“For people talking about Palestine and Gaza now, what happened to this conversation when everyone was posting pictures of Eid outfit one, two and three. Let’s not make this topic convenience related. If you feel ashamed and broken for what’s happening in Gaza then change your perspective on how you celebrate life on social media and put that particular light on the current chaos in Palestine. Don’t showcase happiness if you feel helpless.”

The Parey Hut Love actor’s statement triggered a barrage of opinions with mixed sentiments as some sided with her and others opposed her.

Moreover, Tum Ho Wajah star Shehzeen Rahat went on to say, "This is such an absurd statement coming from Zara Noor Abbas," Rahat in turn felt the need to point out the hypocrisy she saw in Abbas' statement. She said if Abbas' premise was to be accepted, and we assume that people going through grief shouldn't be posting "happy things" on social media, then "what was Zara Noor Abbas doing herself on Jeeto Pakistan's Ramazan show when her own khala Sumbul appa (may Allah bless her soul) was on [the] ventilator, fighting for her life?"

Abbas's statement highlighting the hypocrisy in celebrating Eid has left the internet divided. While the debate stands inconclusive, her call of seeking consistency in people's attitude towards the crisis has been met with divided reactions.

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