Lahore to get Pakistan’s first business district this year, announces Imran Khan

05:18 PM | 18 Sep, 2022
Lahore to get Pakistan’s first business district this year, announces Imran Khan
Source: Imran Khan (Facebook)

LAHORE – Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore, which is also an economic hub, is set to get the country’s first business district aiming to boost business activities in the region.

Former prime minister Imran Khan shared details of the project in a recent social media post. The PTI chief said the groundwork for over 100 skyscrapers in the first Central Business District Punjab to accommodate businesses at a central location in Lahore will be launched on October 22.

The first-of-its-kind project will reshape the entire infrastructure of the vicinity, Khan hoped, adding that it will convert the dead capital into viable transactions channeling wealth generation for the country.

Khan further hinted at more similar initiatives across the country’s most populous province Punjab which he believes will contribute to economic growth and prosperity by providing job opportunities.

Earlier this year, the project got approval from the Civil Aviation Authority for a 750-foot building height. The provision of skyscrapers is said to be a gateway to architectural masterpieces.

The business fraternity will avail the extra height provision for commercial purposes, and construction advancement.

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Lately, PTI Minister Aslam Iqbal said that Punjab has a pivotal role in the development of Pakistan, saying the government ensured its full support and instructed that no stone should be left unturned for the completion of business district project.