US urges Pakistan to demonstrate responsible stewardship of nuclear assets

09:45 AM | 19 Dec, 2017
US urges Pakistan to demonstrate responsible stewardship of nuclear assets
WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump has stuck to his point of pressing Pakistan to intensify its efforts against alleged militants’ safe havens, besides urging it to prove itself a responsible steward of nuclear assets.

The 55-page document regarding national security strategy says, "The United States will also encourage Pakistan to continue demonstrating that it is a responsible steward of its nuclear assets".

It added, “The prospect for an Indo-Pakistani military conflict that could lead to a nuclear exchange remains a key concern requiring consistent diplomatic attention”.

The 55-page document says, "U.S. interests in the region include countering terrorist threats that impact the security of the U.S. homeland and our allies, preventing cross-border terrorism that raises the prospect of military and nuclear tensions, and preventing nuclear weapons, technology, and materials from falling into the hands of terrorists".

Trump also urged Pakistan to tackle alleged militant groups within the country. The document further says, "We will insist that Pakistan take decisive action against militant and terrorist groups operating from its soil" as “the United States continues to face threats from transnational terrorists and militants operating from within Pakistan”.

The president in his remarks said, "We have made clear to Pakistan that while we desire continued partnership, we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating on their territory.  And we make massive payments every year to Pakistan.  They have to help".

The US in its strategy says, "We seek a Pakistan that is not engaged in destabilizing behavior and a stable and self-reliant Afghanistan". It also aimed to continue presence of the US in the region proportionate to threats to the homeland and its allies.

It added that US will press Pakistan to intensify its counter-terrorism efforts, "since no partnership can survive a country’s support for militants and terrorists who target a partner’s own service members and officials".

On one side pressing Pakistan to take action against militants, the US accepted that security situation has improved in Pakistan. It said "In Pakistan, we will build trade and investment ties as security improves and as Pakistan demonstrates that it will assist the United States in our counterterrorism goals".

Trump administration also vowed to deepen the strategic partnership with India and support its leadership role in Indian Ocean security and throughout the broader region.

It further said that the US "will help South Asian nations maintain their sovereign‑ as China increases its influence in the region".