Ahmad Butt alleges Ukhano of copyright infringement amid harassment saga

08:31 PM | 19 Jul, 2019
Ahmad Butt alleges Ukhano of copyright infringement amid harassment saga

KARACHI - Vlogger Umer Khan – popularly known as Ukhano – has been doing the rounds on social media after several sexual harassment allegations were hurled by girls.

On Tuesday, multiple women came forward with their claims against Umer, alleging he harassed them and acted inappropriately. There were several screenshots of the conversations between the vlogger and other girls that were offered as evidence, wherein Umer was seen asking women for bold pictures and sending unsolicited ones of himself.

Following sexual harassment charges, more heat is being ignited in Ukhano's case as recently a composer and managing director Ahmad Butt came up with copyright infringement allegations against the young vlogger.

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In a series of tweets, Ahmad Butt has shared a long story, elaborating all the details he knew regarding Umer Khan aka Ukhano taking credit of Naseer Afridi's music without any permission.

Naseer Afridi is one of the best artists of Pakistan, also a Coke Studio musician, he is also multiple-time Lux Style Awards & Hum Awards Nominee & has contributed extensively towards the conservation and promotion of Pashto music & artists in general.

Below are the multiple tweets by Ahmad Butt in which he has not only mentioned the whole story but also has openly criticized the vlogger by saying: It is utterly disgusting for someone to be a content creator and be an advocate of their rights & intellectual property when you yourself are amongst the people stealing & misusing it. Our musicians & performing arts industry is already suffering.

At the end, Ahmad Butt had stated that he had disclosed the content after the consent of the Coke studio singer Naseer Afridi and wants to speak up on social media, so people get to know what is actually happening in the industry.

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