Adnan Sami: Eid belongs to entire Muslim Ummah

11:28 AM | 19 Mar, 2018
Adnan Sami: Eid belongs to entire Muslim Ummah
MUMBAI - Adnan Sami recently educated a Twitter user on the subject of Eid (a religious Muslim festival) saying that Eid does not just belongs to Pakistanis but to the 'entire Muslim Ummah around the world'.

This response was given by the singer when the fan tweeted him that hope he doesn't forget 'us' as Adnan Sami wished his followers on Twitter Happy Gudi Padwa, Navratri and Ugadi.

Adnan tweeted back:

"My dear, Eid does not just belong to you, it belongs 2 the entire Muslim Ummah around d world. Kindly refrain from making celebrations into an Indo-Pak subject! Incidentally there r more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. ‘Kabhi Tho Nazar Milao, Kabhi Tho Kareeb Aao..’ love," said Adnan.