Shagufta Ejaz urges fans to avoid going out unnecessarily, wash hands frequently

02:08 PM | 19 Mar, 2020
Shagufta Ejaz urges fans to avoid going out unnecessarily, wash hands frequently

KARACHI - Acclaimed Pakistani TV star Shagufta Ejaz has come up with a wonderful message for her fans over the spread of coronavirus in the country as she asked them to adopt preventive measures rather than panicking or becoming overconfident.  

In an Instagram post, Shagufta said that the coronavirus has caused so much unnecessary panic all around the world as people have bought all necessary resources in bulk causing a shortage of sanitisers, masks, thermometers, antibacterials all over the country.

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Everyone is uninformed about the disease itself and no one is willing to give up unnecessarily leaving their homes. Your health and safety come first, the restaurants and movie theatres and malls will still be here when everything settles down, her message read.

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“It is your duty as an individual to keep yourself and your family safe. Just because you’re young and strong doesn’t mean you can’t extract the virus and pass it on to someone with a weakened immune system in your home. Don’t risk the health of your loved ones by being overconfident.”

Sharing the preventive measures to tackle coronavirus, Shagufta Ejaz asked her fans to avoid going out unnecessarily and wash hands frequently, refraining any touch with the face.

“Socially distance yourself and keep a 3 feet distance from everyone around you. If you have a fever, cough, flu and difficulty breathing, please do not hesitate to seek medical attention.”

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She concluded her message with a note reading: “Please pray that Allah helps us and everyone around us through this difficult time and puts an end to all this very soon. Ameen!”

Stay safe, Everyone!