Mawra Hoccane congratulates Ameer Gillani on getting accepted into Harvard law School

03:16 PM | 19 Oct, 2020

Not every star drops their education midway and ventures into the world of acting. Some of them decide to continue with a heart full of ambition and receive pretty impressive credentials. 

Young emerging talent Ameer Gilani, currently winning hearts in drama serial 'Sabaat', is also a practicing Lawyer and and now he's headed to Harvard Law School for further studies.

The actor announced his successful admittance into the prestigious Ivy League on Instagram.

Posting a picture of himself reading a Harvard Law School book, the actor wrote, "’s really happening..Alhamdulillah."

His friend and co-star, Mawra Hoccane also congratulated Gillani on his achievement. 

"Ameeeeeer!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! MashAllah!" she wrote in comments section under the post. Ameer and Mawra have graduated together from 'University of London.'

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