Ali Rehman becomes TCF's Goodwill Ambassador

10:47 AM | 19 Sep, 2019
Ali Rehman becomes TCF's Goodwill Ambassador
KARACHI - Pakistani TV star Ali Rehman Khan has visited The Citizen Foundation’s (TCF) Head Office and signed an agreement to become goodwill ambassador. The actor previously visited TCF Qayumabad Campus and showed his commitment towards TCF’s mission to provide quality education for the less privileged.

He will support the ongoing efforts of TCF by creating awareness for the need to create educational opportunities for all the children of Pakistan regardless of their caste, creed, religion or ethnicity.

“I visited the Qayumabad TCF school last month and it was one of the most incredible days of my life. I have joined hands with TCF to support their mission to provide quality education for the less privileged,” said Ali Rehman Khan after signing the agreement.

On behalf of TCF, Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, CEO TCF said, “We need to highlight the emergency for the need to educate all children because it is their basic right. I am so grateful to Ali Rehman Khan for becoming a part of the big TCF family and for graciously agreeing to help us in talking about this very important issue. I have no doubt that these efforts will help us in reaching out to many more out of school children.”

Education remains one of the biggest socio-economic issues being faced by Pakistan. Currently, there are more than 22.6 million out of school children. This makes Pakistan the country with the second-highest number of out of school children in Pakistan.

That’s why we are facing an education emergency and all hands need to be on the deck to create the capacity for providing education for these out of school children. Statistics reveal that 1/3rdof out-of-school children do not attend because education is too expensive or the school is too far. The TCF school model was built to solve these issues.