KP accepts Punjab's assistance to battle with dengue virus

04:06 PM | 20 Aug, 2017
KP accepts Punjab's assistance to battle with dengue virus

PESHAWAR - KP Health Minister Shahram Tarakai on Sunday agreed to receive assistance from Punjab government to battle with dengue virus after the number of patients soared to 900.

According to local media, around five people have lost their lives due to the dengue fever, but the district administration has confirmed one death due to the virus.

After the dengue fever broke out in the city, the Punjab government sent heath mobile units and medical staff to Peshawar for handling the crisis, but no response was received from KP government; therefore, the units started working in Tehkal, an area with the largest number of dengue patients.

Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Health Khawaja Imran Nazeer, who was present in Tehkal on Sunday, said that KP health minister did not respond to their assistance when he was contacted through telephone. He added that a team of medics and paramedics has reached Peshawar along with two health mobile units.

Talking to media, he said that they have come to Peshawar to help the people not for political scoring, adding that the health units will be handed over to Amir Muqam if the minister did not come.

"I will go back after giving the mobile health units to the KP government," he said, adding that the KP government will look after the vehicles and medical staff.

However, the two health ministers have a telephonic conversation when the KP minister agreed to use mobile units sent by the Punjab government.