Doctors removed his limbs but she did not leave him – The amazing love story of Dawood and Sana (DP Exclusive Interview)

The young couple of Lahore shares harrowing details of an accident that changed their lives forever but one thing - their love for one another - remains the same

06:24 PM | 20 Mar, 2021
Doctors removed his limbs but she did not leave him – The amazing love story of Dawood and Sana (DP Exclusive Interview)

LAHORE – The story of Dawood Siddiqui and Sana Mushtaq has proven true the age old saying "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

It was an exciting day in Dawood Siddiqi’s life. Last November, his family had hosted a dinner and his relatives were invited. Sana, his uncle’s daughter, was also coming and Dawood was madly in love with her already.

Preparations were in full swing and Dawood was busy helping his family with the chores. Meanwhile, his father called him and instructed him to take a long iron rod to the roof.

Dawood did pick up the rod, unknowing that it was the last thing he had picked up with his hands. He rushed upwards carrying it and suddenly there was a loud bang that rocked the entire neighborhood.

The iron rod had come in contact with the overhead power lines and hit Dawood with 11kva electricity which knocked him out instantly. The family members rushed upwards and saw the boy’s body engulfed in flames.

They put out the fire by throwing sand on him.

Dawood had sustained serious injuries and regained consciousness after a few minutes. He screamed something is happening to my heart to which his family rushed him to a nearby hospital.

Upon seeing his condition, the doctors immediately referred him to Jinnah hospital where he was rushed to the operation theater and admitted in the burn unit.

To save his life, the doctors took the tough decision and removed both his arms and a leg. The operation lasted for eight hours.

Meanwhile, Sana heard about the terrible news about Dawood and rushed to the hospital with a cousin. She secretly sneaked into the medical ward and saw Dawood all covered in bandages with his face swollen and eyes closed. She whispered his name in his ear and he immediately opened his eyes.

Speaking to Daily Pakistan, Dawood recalls the moment he gained consciousness; the first thought that came to his mind was what would happen to Sana, and if she would leave him. There was another patient in the word beside him who was already engaged and due to an accident the doctors removed one of his fingers upon which his fiancée broke up with him.

But Sana was different. She assured him that she would never leave him and would stay with him forever no matter what the consequences.

For 40 days, the doctors kept saying it was impossible for Dawood to survive, and Sana would argue with the doctors and prayed to God for a miracle. Her prayers were answered and Dawood survived.

Sana announced to her family that she would marry the paralyzed Dawood. Evidently, her family objected because he was in no condition to take care of her anymore. “He has no legs and no arms, what are you going to do? Will you leave us? Leave your family for one man?” said Sana’s father.

“I do not care; I love him and will take care of him myself. I want Dawood and I will marry no one but him,” replied Sana.

Meanwhile, Dawood tried convincing Sana that her family was right and she would rather leave him for a better guy. However, she stood her ground.

She decided to get married in a church but it seemed impossible, hence, she approached the court and told them we are adults and have the right to marry by will to which they were allowed and the couple tied the knot in a court marriage and now live with Dawood’s uncle.

Sana told Daily Pakistan that Dawood was in a miserable condition because of what had happened to him. She said to him my hands are your hands. They will take care of you as they were your own.

Now she brushes his teeth, dresses him up and takes care of his needs without complaining.

Dawood said Sana is a strong girl and no other person could do what she has done for their love. He loves her more than anything else in the world.

Meanwhile, Chairman Baitul Mall Punjab Malik Muhammad Azam visited the couple at their uncle’s home where they reside. He said we have read about love stories of Sohni Mahiwaal, Sassi Punnu and Heer Ranjha since childhood but am not sure if they were true or not.

The example set before us by Sana is exemplary, and Dawood and Sana are the Heer Ranjha and Sassi Punnu of today and they are right before us.

Representing the CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and exercising his rights as the Chairman Baitul Mall Punjab, Azam announced Rs50,000 cash for the young couple’s support and assured the Baitul Maal will fully cooperate with them. He also announced a prosthetic leg would be arranged for Dawood on immediate basis.

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