COVID-19: A Personal Epoch

09:54 PM | 21 Apr, 2020
COVID-19: A Personal Epoch

So, we all know this, its a pandemic and what drastic effects it has done to us, and the economy, and the world generally. Whenever there comes a hurdle in one's way, there are two ways to face it, either you fold your sleeves and confront with all you have got or you surrender without trying.

What we don't acknowledge, is the fact that it has given us time to reflect on ourselves and to self-isolate (which basically means people, you all stay home and stay safe. Now, the question is my friends, what to do with all this plentiful time we've got on our hands. I know, I know,.....what to do! Eat,sleep,relax and chill(just kidding).On a serious note though, "DO WHAT U ALWAYS WANTED TO DO".If u are someone who always wanted to paint, then paint. If u love cooking, then cook, wanna learn how to drive, then learn it(but at home) and so on. This is my point, it is the best time to learn, practice, invent or whatever u always wanted to do, Do it!!! U will never have this much time on your hands again to pursue your dream.

We all got this time, so let's utilize it, let's not waste it. The world is progressing at a very fast speed so we all need to tighten our seatbelts and prepare for the future. Mental health is really important during this pandemic breakout time. One really has to care about his/her mental health and indulge in some positive activity. The more u think about the corona virus's harmful effects, the more you get afraid of it. We all as an individual and as a community have to fight against this virus. All we need to do is just to be careful and take the necessary measures and precautions to protect ourselves from coronavirus.

Taking care of one's hygiene, practicing social distancing washing your hands(at least 20 sec), having lots of green tea/warm water, doing gaggles eating beneficial fruits like banana and oranges, etc, to boost your immune system is very important too. Meditation is also a very important way to keep yourself relaxed and it eases your mind and soul too. Knowing the right information is also very important because one tends to naturally believe what he/she listens.

If you are a student then u can utilize this time in learning something that will help u in the future too academic vice. One can take up some online learning skills related to their subject or passion, that will help you in the future.

Being psychology students, what is our doings in this pandemic....? It is the most important time to practice what we learn, that is to help people who are in depression or batteling anxiety due to coronavirus and also help them to spend their time in useful activities for themselves.

Besides, one can at least be optimistic and hope for the best time in these dark days and if you don't, COVID-19 will get on your mind and drive u crazy. The sun will shine bright again with all it's glory and we will all get through this and will be okay.

Noor-u- Zuhaa Rubbani is pursuing her BS Psychology from Ripah International University, Islamabad.