Naya Saal, Nae Azam with Habib Oil Mills

“The one resolution I’ve made, and try always to keep, is this – to rise above the little things.” - John Burroughs

11:06 AM | 21 Jan, 2022
Naya Saal, Nae Azam with Habib Oil Mills

  A new year brings with it fresh beginnings, new possibilities, new people to meet, new adventures to embark on, and new experiences to savor. Most importantly, it's time to make new memories. It is, however, also time to work toward a brighter future. New year resolutions are essential, whether for personal, professional, or societal reasons.

I once came across a quote and although I can’t recall who said it, the words were; “you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” No one is perfect and that is the beauty of being human. We all make mistakes but being apologetic is what makes us supreme amongst all of God’s creations. As a result, Habib Oil Mills has provided us with a lovely new year resolution to work on. We are inspired to be more forgiving and seek true apologies in 2022 and beyond as their new TVC communicates the message, "Dil Say Mafi Mangain, Dil Say Maf Karain."

The tiniest grudges can sow the seeds for deeply entrenched resentments that can last for generations, whether in friendship or in a relationship. After everything the world has been through, we've been left wondering if it's all been worth it. Is it reasonable to carry this tremendous burden of animosity for a loved one when everything around us appears to be on edge? No, we are not convinced.

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