'This is an insult' – Nadia Khan breaks silence after Sharmila Faruqui files complaint (VIDEO)

11:26 AM | 21 Jan, 2022
'This is an insult' – Nadia Khan breaks silence after Sharmila Faruqui files complaint (VIDEO)

KARACHI – Famed TV host Nadia Khan, after removing the video of PPP leader’ mother, shared a video clip on the video streaming platform saying ‘its high time you know the reality’.

Amid the outcry on social media and official complaint about allegedly making fun of the makeup of the politician’s mother, the Dolly Darling actor turned to her YouTube sharing her side of the story.

Addressing the allegations, she started the video saying she did not want to post any clarification but was pressured amid extreme backlash.

Nadia’s husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao also appeared in the clip in support of his wife. Meanwhile, Nadia again trashed the factor of disrespecting Faruqui’s mother saying ‘we’ve always been taught that if you want to make the elderly happy, you can do it by giving them compliments’.

Should I ask personal questions in the viral clip? she asked clearing that it is common to compliment elderly people to cheer them up in social gatherings.

Khan said she really likes women who take care of themselves at all ages and filmed the PPP leader’s mother ‘out of respect’. Adding that, she donned a red dress and made an effort to get ready while she was alone.

Besides sharing her side of the story, she also urged critics to watch the video again and find any offensive compliments about the elderly woman. The TV host said requesting fans to not act upon false perceptions.

She said, 'those who are saying that the intention was bad should be ashamed as it is only Allah who knows about intention'. Adding that, “I want to ask why did Sharmila take the appraising clip wrong, instead she should have been happy, I just praised her mother”.

She said that the PPP leader wanted publicity as she lodged a case against me. Its all for the media’s attention, she opined saying the politician could have texted her instead of posting it online, she could remove that part so easily.  

Meanwhile, the famed morning show host also speaks with a local news outlet to clear the air. ‘Things could escalate if I would have said anything further on the issue,’ she said, adding that PPP leader can move cybercrime authorities if she wants to but it’s redundant to drag this issue on after the video has been deleted.

It all started when the member of the provincial assembly Sharmila Faruqui confronted Nadia for making a video in which she can be seen passing ‘sarcastic’ comments on her make-up, jewelry.

In the viral video, Khan can be seen sarcastically praising Anisa, the mother of Sharmila Faruqui, for her bold make up she had wore to attend the wedding of Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari. 

When the TV personality asked Anisa where she has learned makeup skills, she replied: “Sharmila”. However, the clip was not welcomed by Sharmila as she has announced to take legal action against Nadia Khan. Talking to a digital media outlet, the PPP leader called Khan “shameless and heartless woman” for being disrespectful to elders to just increase her ratings. 

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After the video went viral, Sharmila said that she also contacted the TV host and slammed her for what she had done. 

In her reply, according to Sharmila, Nadia Khan said that she had not done anything wrong, adding that she had not made any wrong question to Anisa. 

The PPP leader also filed an application against Khan in cybercrime wing, adding that celebrities could not ridicule anyone for the sake of ratings or publicity.