Twitterati are sharing mental health tips with #HowIFightDepression

11:52 AM | 21 Jun, 2019
Twitterati are sharing mental health tips with #HowIFightDepression
LAHORE - Recently, Twitterati had used the hashtag #HowIFightDepression to share their best tips for dealing with depression. #HowIFightDepression was one of the top trends on Twitter for the past few days as people who had experienced the illness spoke about their coping strategies.

The resulting conversation highlighted the importance of self-care and connection with others while providing new ideas for how to manage your mental health.

Depression is a hazard to human health and should be taken as seriously as any other disease. A person suffering from depression not only requires medication to be cured but a shoulder to lean on.

According to the recent surveys, depression is becoming common suffering among people.

To get rid of this mental disease, Social media users have been sharing their tips for dealing with depression on social networking service Twitter.

Let's have a look at some of the empowering tweets:

Depression is a treatable mental illness. One should help the people who are suffering from this mental disease medical treatment, creative-based therapies, like art and music, counselling, yoga, talk therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) etc.