Valiant Pakistani ascends steep mountain to rescue stranded dog in Abbottabad

05:17 PM | 21 Mar, 2018
Valiant Pakistani ascends steep mountain to rescue stranded dog in Abbottabad
ABBOTTABAD - A brave Pakistani endangered his own life on Wednesday for rescuing a dog, stranded in the steep mountains of Abbottabad city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, upholding norms of humanity.

The Pakistani man, who goes by the name of Rizwan, got to know of a dog, believed to be lying somewhere in the mountains through a Facebook group but instead of scrolling over, like many others, he embarked on a tough journey to rescue the dog.

Nadia Naviwala, a renowned author and social media influencer detailed in her tweets that the Rizwan took a jeep, a veterinary doctor and other essentials of first aid to the mountain village to rescue the dog with broken limbs.

The volunteers dubbed 'angels' by the educationist, steered their 4x4 jeep through muddy terrain. The twist came when they reached at a dead end, there was no road which could lead them to the dog. This didn't stop them and they walked for two hours and were finally able to reach the area, where the dog was helplessly waiting for nothing other than his death.

After wading through the valley, the rescuers were finally able to reach the dog.

The dog, visibly weak, was rescued following which he was loaded on to a cart and was shifted to Abbottabad for further treatment.

However, due to the paucity of facilities at Abbotabad, the dog was brought to Islamabad to treat broken bags.

According to the latest chat Daily Pakistan Global had with the rescuer, the dog is doing much better and is with him at his home.