Why and How FDR Armed and Helped Communist USSR

04:24 PM | 21 Mar, 2023
Why and How FDR Armed and Helped Communist USSR
Source: U.S. Signal Corps photo

In two previous articles it has been pointed out that FDR not only had Jewish roots, he surrounded himself with Zionist Jewish and Communist advisors, and that in the U.S. of 1930s and 1940s Zionism and Communism could be found in the same individual who would invariably be Jewish. As Douglas Reed pointed out, FDR deliberately excluded those Jews from his team who were not Zionists, who were not Communists, and who opposed One World Government. The presence of Communism and Zionism in the same Jewish individual was not just restricted to the U.S.

FDR and his advisors were rabidly anti-German and passionately pro-USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). USSR was thenrun by a brutal Communist dictatorship dominated by Jews. The Jewish domination of Communist Soviet Union has been deliberately repressed and needs to be brought to light in order to understand why FDR and his team leading “democratic” U.S., were passionately supportive of the Communist dictatorship in that country.Benton Bradberry mentions Robert Wilton, the Times correspondent in Moscow from 1902-1919, who “reported the fact that it was the Jews who were behind the [Bolshevik] revolution and the Jews who had taken over the Russian state.”Christian churches and cathedrals were dynamited by Bolsheviks in the USSR but FDR did not lift a finger. No synagogue was ever touched by the Bosheviks.

In 1919 the Soviet press published a list of 556 most important officials of the Communist government mentioning their ethnicity. This list, which was reproduced in the first edition of Wilton’s book “The Last Days of the Romanovs” in 1920, disappeared in subsequent editions but could be found in the French translation! The purpose was to keep the English speaking world ignorant of this deeply disturbing fact.The 556 most important officials of the Communist government, comprised of 458 Jews and 108 others! Benton Bradberry, who had a copy of the 1920 edition, has reproduced the list in his 2012 book “The Myth of German Villainy”.The Jews, one may remember, were a tinyminority in the Soviet Union.

Douglas Reed points out that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, the supreme power in the country, consisted of 9 Jews and 3 other (including Lenin – who too had a partial Jewish lineage). The “Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprised 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Cheka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others.” Cheka was dreaded and later became KGB. 

The Bolshevik government was, in reality, a government of the most politically active and most violent sections of Russian Jewry, who were imbued with a primeval hatred for Christians. The Jewish identity of this brutal government was concealed behind the Communist or Bolshevik facade. Shakespeare asked, “What is in a name?” In this case one may answer: “sinister concealment”. In Bolshevik Russia anyone found to possess a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was, by law, given the death penalty immediately. Why?

The link between the international banking families who bankrolled the Bolshevik coup d’état, Zionism and Communism is revealed in a December 1917 speech that the Communist Jew Leon Trotsky delivered in Petrograd. He said: “We must turn her [Russia] into a desert populated by white niggers upon whom we shall inflict such a tyranny that the most dreadful despots of the East have ever dreamt of.” He went on to say that this tyranny will come from the left instead of the right and will be red instead of white. It will be red “for we will shed such streams of blood that all the losses of human lives in Capitalist wars shall pale before them. The biggest bankers on both sides of the Atlantic will work in very close collaboration with us. If we win the Revolution in Russia, we shall consolidate the power of Zionism on her funeral remains and become such a force that the whole world will go down on its knees before us.” This would be the New World Order of the bankers.

Trotsky went on to say, “Using terror, bloodbaths, we will reduce Russian intelligentsia to a complete idiocy, to bestial condition…” Referring to murderous Jewish Cheka agents who wore lather jackets, he uttered these sick words: “And meanwhile, our youth in lather jackets – the sons of watchmakersfrom Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa – oh how magnificently, how rapturously they were able to hate everything Russian! With what enjoyment they are annihilating the Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, academicians, writers …” Trotsky’s above speech is quoted by author Juri Lina on pages 153 and 154 of his book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” where he also provides the original Russian reference. Lina also writes: “When the Cheka's (political police's) chief, Felix Dzerzhinsky reported to Lenin in the summer of 1918 that five hundred intellectuals (scientists and cultural figures) had been executed, Lenin became ecstatic.”

What then is the explanation of FDR’s love for the murderous Bolshevik regime? This deep fondness was there despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, that the Communist government of the USSR brutally murdered millions of ordinary Christians, in addition to deliberately slaughtering Christian intellectuals, doctors, scientists and engineers. What endeared the murderous Jewish regime, masquerading as a Bolshevik or Communist regime, to FDR were his own Jewish roots and his deep links with international bankers who wished and worked for an utterly despotic One World Government. Historian David L. Hoggan writes: “President Roosevelt, in a speech in Chicago in 1937, included the Soviet Union among the so-called peace loving nations of the world in contrast to the allegedly evil and aggressive Germans, Italians, and Japanese.” 

It is important to note that the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact was signed in Moscow on August 23, 1939.The pact was signed on the invitation of Stalin. As part of the agreement between the two powers it was agreed that both Germany and the Soviet Union will attack Poland. Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 but Stalin cheated Hitler and held his forces back for two weeks. Despite repeated German requests that the Soviet Union keep its side of the bargain, the Soviets procrastinated. As a result, Hitler was solely blamed for beginning the war. As Viktor Suvorov put it: “Poland was divided, not in the Imperial Chancery but in Kremlin.” On September 3, 1939, both France and England declared war on Germany. The Russians waited until Germany had broken Poland’s back and then simply walked in and occupied its part of the territory. 

But it is most significant that despite the occupation of almost half of Poland by Soviet Russia, Britain and France did not declare war on Soviet Russia! Why was this so?  FDR had a very close liaison with Stalin and wished to isolate Germany and to protect the Communist USSR, since it was a government dominated by Jews and was an anti-Christian government. He had plans for destroying Germany and of using the Soviet Union as well for that end. Further, the High Cabal wished to suppress Christianity in Europe.  The Soviet Communist regime was ideally suited for that end. The Bolshevik government was controlled by the High Cabal as was FDR and the British government. On September 28, 1939, a map carving out the Soviet and German territories was agreed upon in Moscow. Stalin was present and was so excited at the prospects of a greater war (to be discussed in a subsequent article) that he himself signed the map. He did not hold any government position at that time and yet he signed the map, instead of letting his foreign minister Molotov sign it. The Polish war ended on October 6, 1939.

Such was Roosevelt’s desire to help and build the Soviet Union that he violated the U.S. Neutrality Act and issued illegal orders. According to John Wear: “On October 18, 1939, Roosevelt announced that only the submarines of the Soviet Union were allowed in American ports except in case of force majeure.” This order, passed a mere 12 days after the carving up of Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union, indicates FDR’s extremely close liaison with Stalin. FDR’sorder was a clear cut violation of international law, the U.S. Neutrality Act and of U.S. neutrality. This illegal order was issued in favor of a dictatorial government that had wantonly massacred millions of ordinary Christians by the president of a predominantly Christian and democratic country. But FDR was a president allied with High Cabal i.e. the international banking families, and had a Jewish ancestry. 

In order to facilitate countries allied against Germany at the time or at a future date Roosevelt initiated the repeal of the embargo provisions of the Neutrality Act on September 21, 1939. It was on his urgings that Britain and France had declared war on Germany on September3, 1939. Idaho Senator William Borah argued that if, as once stated by Secretary of State Cordell Hull, the purpose of the Neutrality Act was to keep the U.S. out of war, then the purpose behind repealing it was to get the U.S. into war. Senator Robert LaFollete said that, “repeal can only be interpreted at home and abroad as an official act taken by our government for the purpose of partial participation in the European war.” The amended Neutrality Act was finally enacted on November 4, 1939, taking the U.S. closer to war. The amended act enabled Roosevelt to transfer weapons to Germany’s adversaries. At the time Britain and France were the adversaries of Germany but in couple of years the Soviet Union and Germany were at war and so the amended act enabled FDR to provide munitions to the Soviet Union as well.

However, on March 11, 1941, the Lend-Lease Act was passed whereby the U.S. could lend or lease military supplies to any country considered vital for the defense of America. This sophistry of an Act was the most profound step towards arming the Soviet Union. The Germans and Soviets were not yet at war but the scale on which arms and ammunition were supplied to the Soviets under this law was staggering. In volume III of his three-volume book “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” Antony Sutton has given a table summarizing what was given to the Soviet Union in the period 1941-1945.

Sutton provides the following information: I: Aircraft and equipment 14,016 units; II: Vehicles (including tanks and trucks): 466,986 units; III: Naval and marine equipment: 5,367,000 gross tons of shipping, 7,617 marine engines; IV: Foodstuffs: 4,291,012 short tons; V: Industrial machinery and equipment $1,095,140,000; VI: Materials and metal products: 2,5897,776 tons of steel, 781,683 tons of nonferrous metals, 1,018,855 miles of wire, 2,159,336 short tons of petroleum, 820, 422 short tons of chemicals. This is a staggering list. Douglas Reed has made it simpler (emphasis in original): “Of ‘aero planes and tanks’ 15,000 and 7,000 respectively were donated. A navy of 581 vessels was also given…”

Sutton has elaborated that 14,018 aircraft supplied to the Soviet Union included “pursuit planes, light bombers, medium bombers, one heavy bomber, transport planes, flying boats, observation planes and advanced trainers.” The 466,968 vehicles included “1239 light tanks, 4957 medium tanks, about 2,000 self-propelled guns, 1004 half trucks and 2054 armored scout cars.” Sutton also points out that “Trucks included 47,728 jeeps, 24,564 three-quarter-ton trucks, 148,664 one-and one-half-ton trucks and smaller quantities of two-and-one-half-ton trucks, five-ton trucks and special purpose trucks.” In addition, 629 tank transporters were also provided. Further, 32,200 motorcycles were shipped along with 7570 track-laying tractors and 3216 spare tractor engines. “All equipment was provided with spare parts and ammunition in accordance with U.S. Army standards.” These numbers are simply insane.The wealth of the democratic and Christian USA was being given away for free to a Communist dictatorship that had, most brutally,  murdered tens of millions of innocent Christians.  One wonders if the U.S. textbook histories mention these figures at all.

A most stunning revelation was made by Captain (subsequently Major) George Racey Jordan. Captain Jordan, a WWI veteran, was directed to report at the Newark Airport (N.J.) as Liaison Officer in May 1942. Incidentally the Newark Airport had been described in the letter sent to him as the United Nations Depot No. 8, even though the U.N. was not established until after the end of WWII! Captain Jordan was to coordinate with the Soviet officers present there for the shipment of everything under Lend-Lease. Jordan had been advised by his senior officer a quarter century earlier, in 1917: “Keep your eyes and ears open, keep your big mouth shut and keep a copy of everything.” So Jordan kept a record of everything shipped.

In the year 1942 Jordan discovered that astonishing materials were being shipped to the Soviet Union. These materials seemed to be of little or no value to the war. He noted that in 1942 the U.S. sent “about fifteen million dollars worth of graphite, aluminum tubes, cadmium metal and thorium” to the Soviet Union from Newark. What was the relevance of these materials to the war? It was something that Jordan could not comprehend. Jordan narrates that he noticed a large number of black suitcases being transported. So he decided to board the plane and check. What he saw when he opened the suitcases has been described in his book “From Major Jordan’s Diaries” published in 1952.

What he noted then has to be quoted in detail to understand the extent of treachery in which FDR was indulging. Jordan writes on p 23 of his book: “One was a thick map. When unfolded, it proved to be as wide as the span of my extended arms.  In large letter it bore a legend which I recorded: ‘Oak Ridge Manhattan Engineering District.’ The other was a carbon copy of a report, two or three pages long, which was dated Oak Ridge. If it had a signature I did not set it down. At the top of the first page, impressed with a rubber stamp, or typed, was the legend: ‘Harry Hopkins’ followed by the title ‘Special Asstt. Coordinator’ or ‘Administrator’. I gathered that this particular copy had been earmarked for Mr.  Hopkins. In the text of the report were encountered a series of vocables so outlandish that I made a memo to look up their meaning. Among them were ‘cyclotron’, ‘proton’ and ‘deuteron’. There were curious phrases like ‘energy produced by fission’ and ‘walls five feet thick, of lead and water, to control flying neutrons.”

To those familiar with atomic matters, the material and the documents being shipped to the Soviet Union pertained to the top secret atomic bomb project known as the Manhattan Project. This was in the year 1942 and all the key information was being transmitted to the Soviet Union by FDR’s close advisor Harry Hopkins. Hopkins was so close to FDR that when he sent him as an emissary to Moscow in July 1941, FDR wrote to Stalin: “I ask you to treat Mr. Hopkins with the identical confidence you would feel if you were talking directly to me.” 

Harry Hopkins was transmitting the most secret and the most sensitive information concerning the development of construction of the atomic bomb and how to build it while it was still being developed in the U.S. Harry Hopkins could not have acquired this information without FDR’s help and could not have sent it the Soviet Union without FDR’s permission. So FDR was trying to assist the Soviet Union in developing the atomic bomb in parallel with the U.S.!The atomic bomb took final shape in 1945 and the secrets were being transmitted to USSR in 1942! This was high treason but FDR was doing it in the interest of strengthening a regime that had killed millions of Christians. FDR was, deep inside, an enemy of Christianity.

Douglas Reed points out (emphasis in original): “By June 1942 President Roosevelt’s intimate, Mr. Harry Hopkins publicly told the Communist state (at a mass meeting in Madison Square Garden), ‘We are determined that nothing shall stop us from sharing with you all that we have and are.’ These words reflected a presidential order earlier issued (March 7, 1942) to American war agencies (and much later made public) that preference in supply of munitions be given to the Soviet Union over all other Allies and over the armed forces of the United States.” What an astonishing directive from FDR! The Soviet armed forces will be given preference even over the U.S. armed forces in matters of supply of munitions. Munitions that could have saved American lives were to be given over to the Soviets first.And Harry Hopkins did make good on his public statement that nothing will stop “us” from sharing with the Soviet Union “all that we have”. He passed on nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union as established by Major George Racey Jordan. What a treacherous regime ruled the U.S. under FDR! And this rule by treacherous regimes has now become a standard pattern in the U.S. after JFK’s assassination.

Another astonishing revelation has been made by Douglas Reed in his profound book “The Controversy of Zion”. He writes (emphasis in original): “In 1944 Mr. Henry Morgenthau junior, Mr. Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury, and his Assistant Secretary, Mr. Harry Dexter White (later shown to have been a Soviet agent) ordered the shipment to the Soviet Government of duplicates of the United States Treasury plates to be used for printing money for the use of forces occupying Germany after the war.” What did this mean? It meant that the money printed by the Soviet Government was redeemable by the U.S. Government, since the money printed by the Soviets could not be distinguished from the paper (i.e. money) printed by the U.S. Such a thing has never happened in the annals of human history that a government gives the power to another state to print its currency! Yet FDR did it to help his beloved Soviet Communist regime. In the year 1946 (FDR was dead and gone by then) public protests forced the U.S. Government to stop payment to its own troops in these notes. This prevented the Soviet Union of makinguse of the notes it printed using plates given to them by Henry Morgenthau junior, a Jewish cabinet member of FDR’s cabinet. The (emphasis in original) “United States Military Government in Germany found that it had redeemed about $250,000,000 [250 million] in excess of the total notes issued by its own Finance Office.” Please note this is a quarter of a billion US dollars in the mid-forties. Douglas Reed remarks that for the quarter of a billion dollars that the Soviets got free they refused to pay a mere $18,000 for the plates! It was a complete rip off of the U.S., engineered by FDR and his team.

It was decided during the war that at least East Europe be handed over to the Soviet Union, when, in fact the Americans could have held it. This meant handing over Christian countries to Jewish Communists who could subject the populace to killings and terror and suppress Christianity. This was done through General Eisenhower. FDR had him appointed Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe in 1943. Eisehnhower was a Lt. Col. at the start of the war, in 1939, and had no combat experience. By 1943 he was a 5-star general! How did this happen? Douglas Reed writes that Eisenhower’s meteoric rise from a Colonel unversed in combat to the rank of Supreme Commander “seems to indicate that he was marked down for advancement long before, and research supports the inference.” 

Reed found out that Eisenhower had been picked up in the 1920s by Bernard Baruch, the deep Jewish agent of the High Cabal. Baruch apparently gave instruction at the National War College in Washington and Lieutenant Eisenhower was also one of those who attended the lectures. Reed writes (emphasis added): “Mr. Baruch at that early period decided that Lieutenant Eisenhower was a star pupil, and when General Eisenhower was elected President thirty years later he told American veterans that he had, for a quarter of a century, ‘had the privilege of sitting at Bernard’s feet and listening to his words’.”So with such a profound connection to Baruch, Eisenhower’s appointment by FDR, and his decision, if it was his decision, to hand over half of Europe to Communists can be understood.

Reed writes: “General Eisenhower had informed Stalin directly on March 28 that he would stop short of Vienna. On April 14 he informed the Chiefs of Staff that he would stop seventy miles short of Berlin, on the Elbe line, adding ‘if you agree, I propose to inform Marshall Stalin’.”  When, on May 9, 1945, Stalin replied requesting Eisenhower “to refrain from the Allied forces in Czechoslovakia beyond the … Karlsbad, Pilsen and Budweis line”, General Eisenhower immediately ordered General Patton to halt his advance. The “hideous bisection” (to use Churchill’s phrase) was thus brought about. It was made possible by FDR’s appointment of Eisenhower and by his “advisors” after he had passed away.

The regime of FDR, by allowing Zionist-Communist advisors to determine policy, had, by the end of the Second World War, “impaired the inner structure of the American Republic to such an extent that some change in its outer form, as known to the world for 150 years, was likely during the confusion-period of any third war.” Reed makes the deep observation: “The instinctive struggle of the original population to maintain itself and its traditions againstan usurpation, the nature of which it was not allowed to comprehend, was failing. … From 1943 onwards the weakness of the American Republic lay more in its impaired foundations than in any foreign air forces or fleets.” 

The usurpation was carried out by the international bankers, primarily by plannedJewish immigration from Russia and East Europe, as established by Douglas Reed. Reed writes (emphasis in original): “The Chicago Tribune in 1950 reported the view of a senior official of the State Department that the United States was ruled by ‘a secret government’ consisting of three members of the deceased Mr. Roosevelt’s circle: Mr. Henry Morgenthau junior, Justice Felix Frankfurter and Senator Herbert Lehman. The word ‘Jew’ was not used.” The Jewish organization, Anti-Defamation League, stormed the Tribune Tower in Chicago demanding an apology. The paper did not apologize. But now, seven decades later, the U.S. lies prostrate before this usurpation.


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