#PawriHoraiHai – Even Indian soldiers can't resist following viral Pakistani trend (VIDEO)

02:25 PM | 22 Feb, 2021

Not only Bollywood stars are in love with Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mubeen but Indian soldiers are enjoying her viral #PawriHoraiHai trend.

Recently an Indian soldier’s version of the video is garnering attention over social media “Yeh hum hain, yeh hamari gun hai aur hum patrolling kar rahe hain”.

The ‘pawri’ trend started after a five-second video posted on February 6, by Dananeer on her Instagram went viral. She had made it on a trip to Nathiagali with her friends. Soon after it went viral, recreations from all over the country started pouring in.

The viral video soon made its way into the neighboring country India who instantly jumped the bandwagon. Netizens from both countries are still enjoying the video and making versions of their own based on their daily life.

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