A trouble year for Salman Khan, now a defamation case

11:51 PM | 22 Jun, 2015
A trouble year for Salman Khan, now a defamation case
MUMBAI (Web Desk) - It seems 2015 is going to be the year of legal troubles for Bollywood actor Salman Khan. After the hit-and-run case and black buck case, Salman is now faced with a defamation case lodged by Veer producer Vijay Galani.

Galani has accused Khan of misconduct in professional behavior, mental agony and loss of reputation. As per a report published on English daily DNA, Galani said: "I agreed to give Salman a signing amount of Rs 10 crores for Veer. In his entire career, Salman had not received this kind of a signing amount. In fact his entire fee for Yuvraaj and Wanted and other films during that period was around Rs 7-8 crore each, Hidustan Times reported.

Even Salim Saab said this signing amount was unprecedented. Besides this amount, we agreed that Salman would get Rs 15 crore if and when there is an 'overflow' (profits made by the film). Salman completed the film happily. And I sold the film to Eros Entertainment. Eros, Salman and I drew up a tri-party agreement that the first overflow amount of Rs 15 crore would go to Salman."