Turkish actor Gülsim Ali comments on Neelum Munir’s post about Ertuğrul

11:05 AM | 22 May, 2020
Turkish actor Gülsim Ali comments on Neelum Munir’s post about Ertuğrul

Seems like the conversation surrounding popular Turkish drama Ertugurl isn’t dying anytime soon and the show’s cast has been noticing.

Many celebs from the entertainment industry have shared their opinion about the impact of airing Turkish shows in Pakistan. The recent celebrity to join the debate is Neelum Munir.

Munir took to Instagram to talk about how people should move past borders and focus on the type of content created.

“Even though I respect views of everyone in my fraternity but I feel it’s not the matter of Turkish content or Pakistani content. We should look beyond and understand that its Islamic content, which has so much wisdom and teaches us the history and the values of Muslims,” she said.

Munir further added that the show was similar to reading a book based on Islamic history. “They gave their lives for justice and remained on Allah’s path. And they kept Islam alive. It’s like reading a book which is full of the great history of Muslims. Let’s just feel proud of our Islamic heritage and get motivated and also create content in Pakistan which we should also be proud of.”

The post caught the attention of many, including the Turkish actor Gülsim Ali who plays Aslıhan Hatun in the show Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

Ali commented under Munir’s post and thanked for appreciating the show.

“Thank you Neelam Munir Khan. Thank you for the nice compliments. Love you and your heart is so beautiful, wish you all the best,” she said.

To this Munir replied by praising Ali’s performance in the show.  “It’s my pleasure Gülsim Ali. You really deserve appreciation. You have performed beautifully and did justice to your role. I hope you can come to Pakistan one day. Allah Kareem,” she said.

The sweet interaction between the actresses ended with Ali hoping to visit Pakistan soon.

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