This is why you should see BNU's Visual Arts Department's thesis display

06:35 PM | 23 Apr, 2018
This is why you should see BNU's Visual Arts Department's thesis display
Beaconhouse National University is currently holding it's annual thesis display for the School of Visual Arts and Design. The degree show which will take place from the 21st till the 28th of April will also include the customary SVAD Nothing Fest from the 23rd till the 27th of April and will host a number of prominent speakers.

Posted by BNU (Beaconhouse National University) Lahore on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

There is a great range of topics and works displayed at the show with some eerily relevant and all too familiar and others exploring lesser known topics. However, everything that the students have made and designed comes from their own personal life and experiences and that is why this is one show you definitely shouldn't miss!

Here a few highlights to show you just how talented the students are;

Some students explored the inner turmoils and experiences such as the plight of being a Transgender in a community such as ours and how these can be overcame.

Others explored topics such as street harassment and child sexual abuse.

The best part about each individual display is the fact that not only do the students incorporate different mediums to show us their message but also the fact that each display is interactive to give the viewer a real idea of their work.

For example this display lets viewers take an interactive trip down memory lane to the Golden Era of Lollywood;


Other displays are more practical in the sense that they help solve everyday problems, such as this transport app designed by a student that anyone can use;

This is only a glimpse into a few students work currently on display and there is much more to be seen!