PM Imran inaugurates Kohsar University in Murree

05:20 PM | 23 Apr, 2021
PM Imran inaugurates Kohsar University in Murree

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday inaugurated Kohsar University and up-gradation of TB Sanatorium Hospital in Murree.

The premier, under the Clean and Green campaign, also planted a sapling during his day-long visit to Murree. .

Speaking on the occasion, the premier termed the establishment of the university an important step forward to promote tourism sector in the country. "Tourism is the future of Pakistan," he said. 

"We can repay our loans only with the development of tourism," he asserted. 

He said that education is the only way to change fate of a person, adding that the public expect the governments provide them health and education facilities.

Talking about health facility in the region, he said that Murree witnessed surge in the population but no hospitals were built there to provide health facilities to masses.

He said that the government is responsible for ensuring provision of basic facilities to public.

Urging people to stay abreast with the developed world, he said that this is the age of information and technology.

Kohsar University will be affiliated with one of the leading international universities to make it world class institute for tourism studies and ensure international standards of education.  

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