If Ali Zafar was the PM this is what he would’ve done to control the COVID-19 outbreak

04:52 PM | 24 Mar, 2020
If Ali Zafar was the PM this is what he would’ve done to control the COVID-19 outbreak

Have you ever wondered, if you were the PM of Pakistan what would you do to clamp down this pandemic?

Recently, Ali Zafar initiated a Q/A session on his Instagram during which a fan asked him what he would do as the PM in the current situation.

Zafar has a solid plan in place to control the coronavirus if he got the opportunity to run the state. Here’s what he had done:

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Unfortunately, we still don't seem to have grasped the seriousness of the situation. We must adhere to social distancing and isolate ourselves unless absolutely necessary. Self quarantine. DO NOT shake hands and keep them clean at all times. Build up on your immune system and build awareness in the masses. All offices, schools, colleges etc. should shut down completely and staff should be given paid holiday. Govt. should start a "Corona Rashan Fund" where Government and the people can pool in to provide food and basic immunities of life to the poor during this time while they are home. Watch my detailed live session and share it to understand what may come ahead if we don't choose to fight this together on urgent basis. #corona #coronavirus #coronaviruspakistan

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Initiate a lock-down across the country- that’s something that’s really needs to be done now as well!

Provide food to the needy and daily wage earners.

Be proactive and create awareness about the COVID-19.

Deploy all sources in healthcare and medics.

Someone really needs to tell PM Imran Khan to put some similar steps into practice before we all fall victim to this deadly disease!

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