Naumaan Ijaz’ Instagram account has been hacked

02:01 PM | 24 Oct, 2020
Naumaan Ijaz’ Instagram account has been hacked

Celebrities are just like us! They’re susceptible to the same online threats as others are, like hacking and scams. Moreover, famous people are more likely to fall victim to cyber attacks as their personal data is extremely sensitive and they can’t risk the public having access to it.

Veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz is the latest celebrity to have his Instagram account hacked.

Ijaz took to Twitter to announce the news and warn his fans to beware of any suspicious activity from the hacked account.

“Hi everyone, luckily being so famous, some idiot hacked my insta account. So please be careful about messages or any post shared from that account,” he wrote.

“Kindly report Naumaan Ijaz official, I will be back with a new account. May Allah bless you all."

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